Transportation Planning Division Committees

Planners Advisory Council (PAC)

Have skills to share? The intent of the TPD Planners' Advisory Council is to provide assistance where needed within APA (national, chapters, other divisions) and to outside organizations and the media on state-of-the-practice transportation issues, policies and methods. We are hoping to raise the visibility of the Transportation Planning Division as a professional resource to planners and non-planners alike, while providing a creative, professional outlet for our members to demonstrate their talents. Topic areas can cover all aspects of transportation planning, such as freight/goods movement, travel behavior and land development/design, emerging technologies, demand forecasting, innovative finance, consensus-building and modal planning, to name a few.

This is an informal, ad-hoc group, but we will seek out specific opportunities to use this resource. Activities will likely include offering our assistance in the form of writing position papers, providing speakers for APA Chapter or non-APA conferences, conducting jury panel reviews, preparing case studies, and similar efforts.

If you have an interest in serving on the Planners' Advisory Council, all you need to do is submit an e-mail request to the Vice-Chair of Policy, and state your topic area(s) and a way for us to get in touch with you. Any experience in your area of interest is fine - we are not looking exclusively for senior level contributions, sometimes the best ideas come from those with the freshest perspective.

Young Professionals Group (YPG)

The Young Professionals Group (also known as YPG) is a subgroup of TPD working to help students and new professionals navigate the world of transportation planning. The group is working on local networking events and a guide for job seekers. To learn more, contact Robert McHaney.

State of Transportation Publication Biannual Committee

The Transportation Planning Division is pleased to announce the release of our biennial report on current topics in transportation planning. This report features articles on scenario planning, transportation technology, autonomous vehicles, gamification, transportation energy, mobility solutions, and more.

Small Grants Committee

In 2014, TPD piloted a small grants program to support TPD member projects. TPD has been fortunate enough to continue this effort for nearly 10 years, awarding thousands of dollars in small grants to localized projects around the country.

Student Paper Competition Committee

Annually reviews submissions by students for the academic value and contribution to the transportation planning field. 

By-Laws Committee

The By-Laws Committee serves as the reviewing group looking to see that the Division's Executive Officers, structure and operations are current and best serving the evolving needs of the members.