Young Professionals Group (YPG)

The Young Professionals Group (also known as YPG) is a new subgroup of TPD working to help students and new professionals navigate the world of transportation planning. The group is working on local networking events and a guide for job seekers.

To learn more, contact Robert McHaney.

Student Membership Program

Ten Tips

The group has recently launched a series of guides called "Ten Tips." Each guide will include 10 tips on a variety of topics from seasoned professionals that are designed to help emerging professionals and student navigate the transportation industry.

Ten Tips: Networking with Professionals

Ten Tips: Connecting with Peers

Ten Tips: Finding the Best Company Fit

Ten Tips: Getting an Interview

Ten Tips: Preparing for a Successful Interview

Ten Tips: Improving Use of Industry Jargon

Ten Tips: Understanding Funding Options

Ten Tips: Working Well in a Project Team

Ten Tips: Enhancing Related Skills

Ten Tips: Relocating for a Job